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Fraudulent Recruitment

Recruitment and Selection is a very transparent process and we conduct such activities with great responsibility. Recently, fraudulent recruitments have highly increased. There are several online scams on the Internet intending to obtain personal information and money. Young job aspirants get trapped in such online scams to get a good job. Online scams function in the form of fake websites, fake emails, and text messages. It is very challenging to identify the difference between fake and true recruitment advertisements.
We do not encourage any such online scams and do not offer recruitment in exchange for any personal information and money.
It is a request to all the readers to be aware of such fraudulent activities. We do not send any communication that requires the following activities-
1) Request for money on calls or any other channel of communication
2) Request for personal information such as ID cards copies, bank details, and statements, debit/credit card details,
3) We do not send any emails offering employment from web-based emails such as Yahoo or Gmail.
4) We do not ask for “urgent” response.
5) We do not share any recruitment communication in poor English or grammatical errors.

If you receive any such form of communication, very first you have to ignore or else contact local police

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